We are pleased to announce that AirGap now provides an easy way to store and access all your crypto collectables on the Tezos blockchain with maximum possible security.

We’re very excited about this one. As part of our roadmap and as the Tezos ecosystem keeps developing, new projects are appearing every day. To accommodate every project on Tezos, we are pleased to announce that AirGap Wallet 3.13.0 and AirGap Vault 3.12.0 now supports the ability to add generic Tezos base tokens (FA2/FA1.2). You can now perform every possible action on Tezos with AirGap and Beacon, while seeing your custom tokens in the wallet. From basic transactions to providing liquidity and much more.

How to add custom tokens in AirGap

  • Update the Wallet to 3.13.0 and the Vault to 3.12.0.
  • Set up a Tezos (XTZ) account on AirGap. Please refer to this blog and scroll down to the section under “Add Account” for instructions on how to add accounts.
  • After setting up your Tezos account, open the wallet and click…

One of the features we have been working on is the support of the Tezos ecosystem non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The circle of development and testing takes time. In the meantime, while we are developing this feature, we show you the possibility of managing your NFTs with AirGap in conjunction with DApps.

While celebrating our fourth anniversary, we released a non-exhaustive list of our plan features. Among those were integration for SegWit, entropy collection via dice rolls and coin flips, and a new secure mnemonic import feature (inbuilt keyboard). Our most recent updates (3.10.0 and 3.11.0) bring support for the three listed features.

SegWit — AirGap now supports sending and receiving to SegWit Bitcoin addresses 🚀

Back in August 2021 we integrated Moonriver into AirGap. Now, we are pleased to announce that the sister project of Moonriver, also known as Moonbeam has been integrated into AirGap. Moonbeam is a para-chain in the Polkadot ecosystem. It is an L1 blockchain solution that extends the base Ethereum feature set with additional features such as on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations.

Peter Parker’s uncle, Benjamin Parker, is credited with popularizing this well-known phrase in the Spider-Man comics. The notion underlying this term is one of having an awareness of one’s position of power and ensuring that one manages the exercise of that authority wisely. Blockchain has taken away power from middlemen such as banks and has handed the responsibility of keeping your funds safe to you.

How to secure your AirGap Wallet

Although many of our community members are already familiar with our wallet’s mobile app version, we are pleased to announce the availability of the web-based version of AirGap Wallet, which will offer our users even more flexibility.


Secure Key Generation & Wallet

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