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While celebrating our fourth anniversary, we released a non-exhaustive list of our plan features. Among those were integration for SegWit, entropy collection via dice rolls and coin flips, and a new secure mnemonic import feature (inbuilt keyboard). Our most recent updates (3.10.0 and 3.11.0) bring support for the three listed features.

SegWit (short for Segregated Witness) is an update to the Bitcoin protocol that modified the way data was stored in the blockchain. This update brings several benefits, including increased scalability, faster transaction times, and, most important, lower transaction fees.

To use SegWit, existing users of BTC (with AirGap) need to…

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Delegation explained

We, the users, are so-called “Delegators”, which have Voting Power. Remember every single person holding ATOMs has this sort of Power. You may yourself wonder how this benefits the Cosmos ecosystem and this can be answered with a simple word. Decentralisation. This is key…

Over the years, we’ve relied on Changelly and ChangeNOW to serve as our in-built exchange. Both have provided excellent and efficient service to our users.

As part of our ongoing effort to make every aspect of AirGap more secure, more efficient, and more decentralized, we’ve integrated QuipuSwap, an open-source decentralized application (Dapp) that provides an interface for the exchange of Tezos based Tokens (FA2 and FA1.2) in an efficient manner.

In this blog, we present…

Early this month, we released AirGap v3.8 with support for WalletConnect. What’s more, guess what? We are going forward at full speed as we add support for Moonriver and integrate QuipuSwap to ensure a seamless swapping experience for all users.

The Sapling WASM library brings the Zcash Rust crates to the web and enables Sapling operations for web applications.

Since Edo, the Tezos protocol upgrade that was recently injected, privacy preserving transaction will be possible on Tezos. AirGap has released Sapling support on testnet and will soon enable it on mainnet as well.

During the requirements engineering phase of the AirGap integration, the team became aware that there is…

Four years of secure crypto storage, development continues

AirGap’s mission has been to help every crypto owner to store his funds securely. It has been four years since we began this journey, and we would like to thank the community that has been there for us throughout it all. Therefore we would like to give you something back…

The latest version of AirGap (v3.8.0) introduces WalletConnect, an updated serializer, a simplified onboarding process and support for uUSD and YOU.


WalletConnect is an open-source protocol for connecting decentralized applications to mobile/hardware Wallets utilizing end-to-end encryption and scanning of a QR code. Simply put, if you utilize AirGap in conjunction with the WalletConnect apps, you will be able to perform transactions on platforms without having to transfer all of your funds…

The latest Beacon SDK version v2.3.0 adds support for the Umami wallet and brings many connection and interface improvements.

We have been working tirelessly to improve the Beacon developer and user experience since we have last shared an update in a blog post, in total six releases were published since v2.2.5.

In this blogpost we will explain what BIP85 is and how it can be used to make managing multiple mnemonics easier and more secure.

What is BIP85

BIP 85 defines a way how new BIP39 mnemonics can be derived from your mnemonic. Put another way, it aids you in deriving “entropy” from your mnemonics, and the entropy you derive can then be used in other wallets and applications. Therefore, it brings the flexibility of managing multiple mnemonics…

The latest version of AirGap (v3.7.0) brings support for BIP-85, Deterministic Entropy From BIP32 Keychains, Tezos Sapling (Edonet only), and cosmos memo addition.


BIP-85 brings solutions to the challenges of having way too many seeds/mnemonics and needing to back them all up securely. It defines a way to derive new mnemonics from a master mnemonic. The benefit of this is that you can have one master mnemonic that you back up properly, and…


Secure Key Generation & Wallet

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