Guide to Managing NFTs on Objkt with AirGap

One of the features we have been working on is the support of the Tezos ecosystem non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The circle of development and testing takes time. In the meantime, while we are developing this feature, we show you the possibility of managing your NFTs with AirGap in conjunction with DApps.

Objkt is an NFT Platform That Aims To Connect All Tezos-Based NFTs In One Single Platform. (Source: XTZ news)

Let’s get started

Sync Wallet with Objkt

Now it’s time to head over to Objkt to purchase an NFT.

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Viewing and Sending NFTs

After you’ve successfully connected your wallet, you can now view and send your NFTs with AirGap in conjunction with Objkt.

Buying NFT

Buying NFTs on Objkt is as simple as two steps. Looking for your desired NFT and paying for it.

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Secure Key Generation & Wallet