Secure Mnemonic Management with BIP85

In this blogpost we will explain what BIP85 is and how it can be used to make managing multiple mnemonics easier and more secure.

What is BIP85

What are the use cases of BIP 85

BIP-85 in AirGap Vault

  • Go to the Settings page and choose the mnemonics/account from which you wish to derive the child seed.
  • Click “Generate BIP85 Child Mnemonic”
  • On the BIP-85 Generation page, you can set a few settings
  • Mnemonic Length: The length of the child mnemonic is defined by this parameter.
  • Index: Changing the index will result in a different child mnemonic being generated. Therefore if you want a new mnemonic for a new purpose, make sure to set the index to a value that has not been used in the previous mnemonic generation process.
  • Advanced Mode — BIP-39 Passphrase: This allows you to set an extra passphrase that will be used to derive entropy.
  • On the following page, you can see the mnemonic that was derived from the master mnemonics. You can now write it down on a piece of paper or copy and paste it into another wallet without any problems.
  • If you click on the validate button, the next screen will confirm that you have accurately written down the child mnemonic.




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