With great power comes great responsibility — How to secure your AirGap Wallet

Peter Parker’s uncle, Benjamin Parker, is credited with popularizing this well-known phrase in the Spider-Man comics. The notion underlying this term is one of having an awareness of one’s position of power and ensuring that one manages the exercise of that authority wisely. Blockchain has taken away power from middlemen such as banks and has handed the responsibility of keeping your funds safe to you.

How to secure your AirGap Wallet

Public key and Private key — what is the differences?

Best way to secure mnemonics

Here are some good practices how you can keep them secure:

Other tips to keep your funds safe.

Beware of phishing

Look at the example below, which shows someone impersonating one of our developers and trying to defraud our user.

Limit Connection with unverified Dapps

No online backups

Things you have to keep in mind when setting up your 24 words/mnemonic


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